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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mac Xbox 360 controller for playing games

Are you like to play games on your Mac system and face difficult to control through keyboard or mouse then you can get rid of all these issues by purchasing Mac Xbox 360 controller. It will help you to play games without any trouble, easily controllable and especially made for games. These are available in two types with wire or without wire. Wired controller can connect via USB cable whereas wireless need Microsoft wireless gaming receiver to connect with system. You can attach your controller to Mac OS X 10.4 or later versions. To run this device you need to install the software GamePad Companion which make it possible to hand over the control of keyboard or mouse to the Xbox controller. 

Use Xbox 360 controller:
If you have Mac OS X 10.4 then you can connect Mac Xbox 360 controller to it for playing any type of video games. Its uses is not difficult but if you are interested for doing that then you need  to fulfill the requirements for this program and you can get better information here about its preference. would be best source for you to introduce new products by Apple and the software updates of for Mac and iMac OS.
Ø  First you have to install the software GamePad Companion and driver to control Xbox which enables your device to run Xbox 360 for every game. Either there is no need to install GamePad Companion but some games cannot able to run without having this software. These are available in different sites to download; some of these provide you this app free of cost whereas some demand to pay for this.
Once you install these on your Mac system then it will save in to your device setting for further use.  Attach the controller to Mac and see the updates on your desktop when it will detect then the icon will appear on the screen. In case of using wire controller then you have to use USB port to connect it in Mac or controller then press the connect keys of both devices until it will successfully run the Xbox 360. Visit for more updates and information.
Ø  You can set the buttons of controller device according to your choice by going to the menu like; you can select arrows as an option to move here and there and others buttons for control the programs of your Mac. Remember it is very essential to select the right buttons to use your controller correctly and easy. You can map keyboards and mouse options on to your controller, also keep in mind to save the new setting of mapping the keys. Once you select these perfectly then it become easier for you to play games and to control other programs using Mac Xbox 360 controller.
Price: 7.99 $

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